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 C3 Ashburn, July 19

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PostSubject: C3 Ashburn, July 19   Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:29 am

I randomly joined up with a guy called thumbswayup (tag: SEB), and we came in 5th in doubles.
I came in 9th in singles.

If you're interested in the story:

I didnt' plan on playing doubles, but thumbswayup just came up to me beforehand and asked to team up, so we did. He plays Diddy. We did a couple practice games, and then the tourney started.
First loss: g-reg and Neo. Neo was the best Roy in melee, and probably the best Marth in brawl.
We ended up losing 1-2 games.
Second loss: nacker and plank. They placed well at Critical Hit 3, and are the gayest team ever. MK and ROB, and they camp. All Game.
we ended up losing 1-2 again. Probably would have won if I didn't suicide (i'm good at that).

First loss: Raped by Neo's Marth. Fighting a camping Marth as Ike is a losing battle. Dancing blade in your face all game.
Second loss: Plank (MK). As mentioned before, hardcore gay camper. I was winning game 1 by a whole stock, and then i suicided twice. Awesome. Game 2 he picks Kirby and gets raped. Game 3 he picks Luigi's mansion. GG Luigi's mansion.

Overall rating: pretty fun.

I never really do good at these things, but it's always fun. I still can't figure out how to beat Neo's marth after losing to it twice.
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PostSubject: Re: C3 Ashburn, July 19   Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:45 am

wow kool

Heh lets see if you can take on Brawl Nation chump!
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C3 Ashburn, July 19
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